A 100-year old warehouse, restored and revitalized for modern work.

There is a difference between a location and a destination. When we began the revitalization process, we built upon the foundation of a 100-year old warehouse and gave it new life. Located at the corner of Grove + Prairie streets in downtown Bloomington, an area in the heart of the city rich in both history and legacy. This warehouse was redesigned and restored to become a destination in the heart of the city.

Catalyst Construction and Workbench Architects worked together to reimagine this historical warehouse, merging its original vintage exterior with a modern and thoughtfully designed interior.

Grove + Prairie is a blend of a vintage warehouse combined with modern architectural design revitalized from the inside out. Designed to connect people, businesses, and the community.

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Pictured above: Clay Dooley Service Center in 1962
The Grove+Prairie building was home to a car dealership, Clay Dooley service center, a storage warehouse, and a variety of other businesses over the years.

Project Partners

Project Partners:


A revitalized hybrid work environment, for the modern worker.

A brand, new co-work space in the heart of Downtown Bloomington, Illinois.